Recent projects

Mobile QA App

Qc LinQ B.V.


Punctuality and reliability is of paramount importance within the nautical QA industry. For Qc LinQ we created a mobile application for QA field engineers to do checks on the spot. The application includes offline support, dynamic form composition, attachment management and clever use of on-device peripherals such as the on-device camera. It's fully tested with both low-end and high end devices running Android 4.4+ and iOS 11+. The platform used is Nativescript with Vue.JS, two popular modern development platforms for Rapid Application Development.

Dynamic Document Composition App (Web)

Intrum Nederland B.V.


Communication is ever-changing within credit-management organisations. The right tone of voice, call-to-actions and data can make or break an acceptable conversion rate on letters. 

For Intrum's ERP platform 'Aptic', we custom-made a visual WYSIWYG letter editor. The editor application supports scripting, composition via blocks and variable insertion. The user-interface has been targetted to non-technical users and has been used to create hundreds of letters with a high degree of reliability thanks to numerous real-time sanity logic checks.

OV-Chipkaart Landing Pages and E-mails

Trans Link Systems B.V.


Since 2012 the 'OV-Chipkaart' (OV chipcard) has been facilitated by Trans Link Systems. Millions of travellers use this concept to pay for public transportation in an uniform matter.

As many travellers shifted to new form-factors, OV-Chipkaart noticed a trend of mobile usage. A new set of e-mails, payment portals and iDEAL gateway flows has been created for a seemless mobile experience. The project consisted out of functional design, UX design and speccing the iDEAL gateway for all payment related e-mails.

LETS marketplace



For LETS-Zoetermeer we created a customized marketplace for exchanging services for 'talents' (tokens) instead of money.  The concept behind a LETS site is to activate people and their skillsets, in addition to properly valuating members efforts without traditional financial means. The user interface and logic has been fine-tuned with administrators and local users, using accessible concepts such as 'payment requests' and 'offer listings'. The system has been created with PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

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